Wine Aerator Decanter Pour Spout Set by Trendy Bartender™ – Foil cutter, Drip-stop ring & Wine Aerator Decanter!


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Wine Aerator Decanter Pour Spout for a perfect pour. Eliminates drips, and fully aerates and oxygenates your wine – providing maximum flavor and quality.

This Aerator with its dual air intakes allow the wine to open up its bouquet and brings out the full range of flavors. Simply place aerator on the mouth of your wine bottle and smoothly pour yourself a glass of perfectly oxygenated wine in seconds! Enjoy!
We also provide you our very own hand-held foil cutter, used for preparing wine bottles before serving. This easy-to-use tool is outfitted with four sharp wheels for quick and seamless removal of foil from wine bottles for serving, comfortably and efficiently.
As a bonus comes a chrome finished and Drip-stop ring that fits most wine bottles. The felt-lined interior absorbs any running drips to protect your bar or tabletop or tablecloth from heart-wrenching wine stains.

Just serve and relax! Get yours by clicking the “add to cart button”! The set also makes a perfect Gift!!


  • STYLISH 3-piece set includes foil cutter, drip-stop ring, and wine aerator / pour spout
  • WINE / SPIRIT aerator mixes wine with air to enhance flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine like a decanter
  • EASY POUR spout provides hands-free aerating. Every piece is designed to fit any wine bottle
  • COMPACT and easily portable. Simple to clean and reuse over and over again
  • BPA FREE (aerator made of acrylic). Safe and convenient for anyone
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