Bar Spoon Set – (Set of 3) incl 1 Twisted Mixing Spoon with Knob, 1 Long Handle Twisted Spoon with Trident & 1 Spiral Bar Spoon with Disc


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Set of 3 professional bar spoons for stirring and mixing cocktails. A versatile “must have”-set for the work place or home bartender.

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  • ✅ Lengthy twisted spoons for smooth stirring of fluids in pitchers, carafes and glasses
  • ✅ Versatile crafted bar tools designed to spin effortless and easy to use in various occasions
  • ✅ Set of three different style bar spoons to meet the needs of any demanding bartender
  • ✅ Made of polished stainless steel for superb durability and corrosion resistance and easy to clean
  • ✅ A must have bar utensil for mixing cocktails, drinks, milkshakes and juices