Heavy Duty Bartender Bottle Opener By Trendy Bartender™ – Set Of 2 High Speed Flat Openers – 7" and 5 Long – Stainless Steel – Antique Gold Plated For Extra Protection – Exclusive Look


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The New, High Quality, Gold Plated Stainless Steel Bottle Opener By Trendy Bartender™: The Classy Way To Open All Kinds Of Bottles Effortlessly

When you are a professional or even an amateur bartender, you need to be as fast as possible behind the bar. But how fast can you satisfy your customers when you are struggling to open that beer bottle? If you thought that you need big muscles, then you will be relieved to know that you just use a low quality, impractical bottle opener. But when you use Trendy Bartender’s Set Of Stainless Steel Bottle Openers you can open every kind of bottle without any hassle!

Why This Bottle Opener Set Is One Of The Best Bar Accessories You Could Ever Use:

• Ergonomic design allows for opening beer, cider and every other bottle in less than a fraction of a second!
• Its stylish, gold (burnt copper-like) finish adds that extra touch of elegance to your barware – who said that bottle openers had to look awful?
• Its robust construction guarantees years of excellent use –made from top-line stainless steel to last longer than ordinary bottle openers !
• It’s the perfect go-to accessory for everyone: from bartenders to waiters and college students partying at home– this set of bottle openers can be used anywhere, anytime you want to have a drink!
• Compact size (7 and 5 inches) allows for carrying it with you everywhere since it can easily fit in your pocket – no need to use inconvenient keychain openers or wall mounts

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  • A FRACTION OF A SECOND That is how long time it will take you to open a beer or a soda bottle with the Trendy Bartender speed opener (AKA Mamba). The openers are extremely strong
  • sturdy and comfortable to hold.^PREMIUM QUALITY – When comparing flat bottle openers always look at the thickness and size of the openers. This will make a huge difference in the lifetime and speediness of the opener when using it. Dimensions: 7″ H x 1 1/2″ W x 1/10 Thickness respective 5 H x 1 1/5 x 1/10 Thickness.^NEVER STRUGGLE TO OPEN A BOTTLE AGAIN Either you are looking for a speed opener for home/bar/restaurant
  • rest assured this opener wont let you down.^EASY TO CARRY Thanks to its flatness and that we deliver two sizes you can always carry one in your back pocket and let the larger one stay at the bar.^GREAT VALUE (2-PACK)

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