Bottle Opener – Set Of 3 Wooden Beer Opener by Trendy Bartender™ Handheld Bartender Bottle Opener – Soft Handle For Smooth Opening Of Beer Bottles, Ciders, Soft Drinks & More – Comes in Attractive Gift Box!


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Set Of 3 Wooden Handle Bottle Openers With Hardened Steel Hardware – Are you tired of losing your bottle openers? You told him to be more careful with the last one, but it has been two weeks since he brought the bottle opener out to the garage and you haven’t seen it since. Wouldn’t it be better if the kitchen had its own bottle opener, the bar had one—and yes—even the garage had one of its own? You are going too love our . . . Rubber wood Bottle Openers By Trendy Bartender We designed our bottle openers to not only let you easily open bottles without any slippage and plenty of leverage, but they are eco-friendly as well! Rubberwood is the wood of the rubber tree, which is grown as a source for natural rubber. When the trunks of rubber trees are cut, they exude a milky liquid – latex – that is collected and processed to make rubber. After the trees reach about 30 year of age, latex production declines and the tree is replaced with a new one. It used to be that the rubber trees would be cut clear and burnt to make way for the new ones. However, the lumber is no longer burnt, but it is used to make furniture and kitchen woodware. (cutting boards, knife blocks, etc.) The recycled cardboard box contains three identical hand bottle openers with rubber wood handles and high-grade hardened steel hardware. • Genuine Eco-Friendly Rubber wood Handle • Classic Functional Design • Comes In An Attractive Gift Box Made From Recycled Cardboard • Includes A Lifetime Guarantee! Replacement if needed. • Sturdy And Ready For Heavy Duty Service If you’re ready to have a bottle opener at your convenience, no matter where the other ones wander off to, click the “add to cart” – button to order yours NOW! LIFETIME GUARANTEE – REPLACEMENT IF NEEDED! SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST.
  • EASY and fast opening of standard-sized bottle caps. Buy it for yourself at home, restaurant or bar. The soft wooden handle is comfortable to grip and require very little force to pop any cap.
  • MADE from solid rubber wood, a rest product when extracting rubber, this bottle opener is as Eco-friendly as it gets. The wood material is light so you can easily carry it along with you in the pocket or bag.
  • COMPACT and functional “easy-to-use”-design. With its sanded, soft wooden handle it is truly a pleasure to open bottles in thousands. This bottle opener is gentle and very helpful if you want it at home, bar or restaurant.
  • FUN Eco-Friendly set of 3 wooden bottle openers delivered in a durable recycled carton gift box. Be environmentally friendly and chose right. The box is perfect for storing the openers and will keep them looking as new for a very long time.
  • 3-PACK for your convenience, CHEERS!! The box contains three identical hand openers crafted from rubber wood and each equipped with a high grade hardened steel head. They also make a perfect gift!

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