Cocktail Mixing Glass Set – Professional Thick Bottom Pitcher 17oz/500ml For Cocktail Crafting


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Crystal Clear YARAI Diamond Cut Beaker with Spout – Set includes Hawthorne Strainer, Large Jigger and 2 x Bottle Pourers.

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  • ✅ COCKTAIL SHAKER, or MIXING GLASS – That is the question! Much like the shaker, the bar mixing glass is a pitcher used to chill cocktails primarily by mixing liquids with ice. If you want to avoid serving air in your cocktails, this is the bar tool to go for
  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY COCKTAIL MIXING GLASS – Look professional! This thick bottom heavy duty lead free mixing glass is a true workhorse in the industry and popular among professional bartenders. It’s versatile and widely used in Bars, Restaurants & Homes
  • ✅ PROFFESIONAL GRADE 17oz/500ml BEAKER – Impress your friends! The pitcher has plenty of room for ice and ingredients. It normally accommodates two or three drinks and serves well in a professional environment as well as in a home bar
  • ✅ DECORATIVE DIAMOND CUT YARAI DESIGN – The bartender’s choice! The YARAI cocktail mixing glass is by far the preferred beaker among bartenders. Its handheld size it easy to grip which makes it both safe and beautiful. The glass is dishwasher safe and we recommend placing it on the top self. Be cautious about sudden temperature changes
  • ✅ BARTENDER MIXING GLASS GIFTING SET – This professional quality mixing glass comes in a set together with a Hawthorne strainer, a large Jigger (2/1oz) and two bottle pourers. The glass is very attractive, a nice addition to any bar. Note: Cocktail spoons sold separately

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