6 Piece Wine Glass Marker Set With Bottle Stopper By Trendy Bartender™: The Fun & Easy Way To Entertain Your Guests & Prevent Glass Mix-Up – Cute Human Like Design, Better Than Regular Wine Charms


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Introducing The Brand New Wine Markers by Trendy Bartender: The Incredibly Easy & Fun Way To Dress Your Glass Up & Make It Easy To Recognize! Imagine that situation: being home with friends or guests and enjoying a mouth-watering bottle of red or white wine. After a while, your glasses mix up and you can’t remember “whose glass is whose”…For various obvious reasons, you may don’t want other people to use your wine glass. Fortunately, there is an incredibly easy and fun way to remember whose glass is whose at your next party or guest visit: Wine Markers. These Cute Wine Markers Are Always A Hit At Parties Typical wine charms are boring. A ring that goes around the stem of the glass has nothing unique to offer. On the other hand, the wine markers in this set look like humans who want to give your wine glass a warm hug! They are not only an easy and fun way to keep track off your glass and preventing glass mix-up, but they are also great conversation starters. Last but not least, this 6 piece set comes along with a cleverly designed wine bottle stopper. All in all, these markers are a great tool for parties or family meet-ups. What are you waiting for? Impress your guests and friends with these lovely wine markers! Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now!
  • ADD A LOT TO YOUR PRESENTATION: Decorate your wine glassware with these little but super cute wine markers and impress everyone!
  • NO MORE MIXED GLASSES: These awesome wine markers are a brilliant way to enjoy drinking wine with friends while preventing glass mix up!
  • STUNNING WINE MARKERS: A perfect little addition with simplistic charm that will make your guests want to visit you again!
  • INCREDIBLY PRACTICAL SET: Except the 6 colored wine markers you also get a wine bottle stopper that’s easy to use and guarantees an airtight seal – no more wasted wine!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: If you are looking for a unique and sophisticated gift, then this awesome set would be an excellent and economical choice for you!

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