The Science Behind the Perfect Cocktail

Science behind perfect cocktail

For many bartenders, making the perfect cocktail is a skilled profession. Just as with many professions, they can be taught, learnt and experimented with, especially as the era of perfectly home-prepared cocktails is on the rise. That said, as with any profession, there are many that have not been taught properly, or do not have the confidence to prepare and serve the perfect cocktail. The perfect cocktail should be balanced. Getting the mix incorrect can have detrimental consequences to its taste and look.
Skilled professionals will not only use the correct quality equipment but will also ensure that they have the correct glass that is clean. They will hold the glass by the thickest part at the bottom. That way, they can ensure that the glass is cold and clearly transparent, so that the person being served can clearly see the drink being made.

Simple rules can help you to make the perfect cocktail time and time again:

    • Use fresh ingredients. Fresh is the best and the taste will certainly be significantly better. No extra additives either.
    • Drinks that contain only spirits need stirring. In order to obtain that rich, crystal clear looking cocktail that is spirit based only, the drink must have a good stir. Shaking will not give the same effect, but we understand that it sometimes looks better on the show front than stirring. Martini, Negroni and the Manhattan are some of the cocktails that this rule applies too. We understand that 007 asked for his Martini shaken and not stirred, however it would have been such a better cocktail had he had it stirred.
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  • Remember to muddle lightly. In order to refrain from making the drink bitter, most muddled ingredients should be lightly muddled. This is particularly relevant with the Mojito.
  • Fresh orange juice should be just as it is. If adding fresh orange juice, make sure that the juice is squeezed and then added immediately to the cocktail. The longer the orange juice is left standing, the more bitter will get.
  • Add extra sugar for blended drinks. Having a lot of ice can cause blended drinks to have a diluted taste and make them watery. Adding extra sugar and sugar syrups will enhance the flavour.
  • Make sure your glass is at the right temperature. A cold cocktail requires a chilled glass so that the cocktail stays cold for longer. Likewise, pre-warm a glass if you are serving a warm cocktail. The perfect cocktail requires the correct glass temperature. Try it and you will taste the difference.
  • Presentation! It is the key to all perfect cocktails.

If you would like to make and serve the perfect cocktails at home or in your bar, follow the simple rules listed above and be sure that you have all the quality essential equipments from Trendy Bartender. The perfect cocktail is definitely out there. But first, your good equipments will be the very first step that leads you to start making them.

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